Nutrient Ratio

Many people have asked me how we supply nutrients to our plants.  We currently use a system of 2 'Hozon' proportioners connected in such a way as to deliver two different nutrients at the same time in a constant ratio.
In the picture you can see the hot and cold supply from out domestic water supply.  Below that is an On/Off shut off valve. below that is a 'Y' that splits into two 'Hozon' siphon proportioners.  Below that is a standard Y connection used for automatic washing machines, and below that is a large garden hose going to a watering wand.

How it works, is that there is a small black tube from each 'Hozon' that sucks up a liquid from a bucket at a ratio of 16:1 when there is water flowing through the hose.  We drop the tube in bucket one and two, and turn the on/off valve on.  The Hot and Cold are adjusted to supply a tepid water temperature.   In the 'Hozon 1' bucket we put our water soluble fertilizer concentrate.  In the 'Hozon 2' bucket we can put other supplements like extra calcium, fish or seaweed concentrate etc,  That way they don't mix until they are in the final dilute concentration. 

The only drawback to this system is if you do not have decent water pressure, it might not draw up the nutrient at a 16:1 ratio.  Also if your watering wand restricts the flow too much, it will also affect the ratio.