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May 31, 2013

posted Jun 14, 2013, 6:46 PM by Patrick van Adrichem   [ updated Jun 14, 2013, 8:17 PM ]
We have been working on getting a particular greenhouse in Taiwan certified to ship plants potted in moss into Canada for over 18 months now.  It is a long process that must satisfy a lot of agencies before it will be allowed.  We are getting close, and hope to be able to order the plants in pots on the next shipment.  

As a result I didn't want to miss out on some of the latest breeding that was available, so we ordered around 550 plants to be sent bare root to us.  The plants arrived today, and are in great shape.  It is not very often that we get the excitement our customers do of getting that package delivered by courier, and the anticipation of what is inside the boxes!  LOL  These are a few of the pictures of the plants as they arrived.

These are the largest plants wrapped in paper.

Some of the small plants were packed in Zip-lock bags.

These are 300 of the plants that I potted up on Saturday.  They are on the East end of the greenhouse that is a constant 22C.  After a couple of days, you could see them perking up, and growth returning!