Pat van Adrichem spent his childhood growing up at the world famous Butchart Gardens where his father was a gardener.  He has lived in Deep Cove in North Saanich with his wife Cathy for 35 years, and has been growing orchids for over 30 years.  At Kingfisher Orchids, Pat and Cathy specialize in warm growing orchids such as Phalaenopsis and Dendrobiums.  Pat has been breeding and cloning his own orchids for many years, and has many crosses registered with the RHS in England.  Over the years Kingfisher Orchids have won over 35 American Orchid Society awards for flower quality, culture, and displays.  Currently they are breeding to create new hybrids in red, yellow, and art shades, as well as cloning selected species and virus free hybrids.  When not ‘Playing’ with his orchids, Pat owns a local business, Service First Ltd., and can often be seen sport fishing for salmon and halibut!